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Dr. Olino will be accepting  a grad student for Fall 2022.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Olino is planning on taking a student for the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in Fall 2022. For this admissions cycle, he will be looking for a student who will be engaged in our training clinic working on projects involving predictors of naturalistic treatment response, the use of routine outcome monitoring, or personality/psychopathology assessment. There is a good amount of flexibility in the specific applications/research there, but the majority of time would be spent in that setting. There would be opportunities to work with other data from the lab and other data sources, but the day to day responsibilities would be housed in our training clinic. Information on the program and how to apply for the upcoming cycle can be found here.

Prospective Research Assistants

Our laboratory is an ideal fit for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate researchers with an interest in adolescent depression and reward motivation. Research Assistant duties include carrying out study protocols, recruiting new participants, data entry and cleaning, and conducting literature searches. In time, highly motivated and committed RAs may have the opportunity to be trained on interviewing, administering cognitive tasks to participants (i.e. KBIT), and to visit Jefferson and Temple University Hospitals to assist in MRI acquisition.

We are  currently not accepting RA applications for Fall 2022, but will be accepting applications in mid-July. The CADEPP lab will be in person for the Fall term. Please check back in mid-July. Positions require a minimum commitment of one year and at least 6 hours per week. If you are interested in joining us please complete the application below and email it to the lab at