New Φysics Φenomena 2020

New Φysics Φenomena 2020                                                  

The New Φysics Φenomena 2020 will take place at AVRA Imperial Hotel in Crete, Greece. The conference covers experimental and theoretical developments in the fields of nuclear and particle physics focusing on hadronic contributions to new physics searches, and is the evolution of the HC2NP workshop series that was initiated in Tenerife in 2016. It will serve as a forum for discussions that focus on recent developments, as well as on the experimental and theoretical challenges associated with new physics phenomena, with a particular emphasis on the following main topics:

muon g-2

Ultra-peripheral collisions, light-by-light scattering

Flavour anomalies

ALPs, X17 and dark-photon searches

Dark-matter searches and astronomical constraints

Proton radius

Proton mass, spin, and pressure distribution

Science opportunities at an Electron-Ion Collider

Future Facilities, Instrumentation and Methods