I’m currently an undergrad at Temple University, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Criminal Justice. I’m extremely interested in poetry and finding different ways to express myself on paper.

My goals are to become a writer and educator while expressing myself through my work and creating new experiences for people on paper.

Poetry is something I’ve always felt passionate about. Sometimes it’s hard to be able to say how you feel out loud and sometimes the right words don’t always come to you, but poetry allows for feelings and desires to be put down without actually saying anything straightforward. I think that words have a funny way of meaning everything and nothing at all, it just depends on how you use them.

I like to be able to take my thoughts or someone else’s and be able to create work that can mean something to someone, whether it’s about an experience or a feeling that one has or had. This can come in a series or one piece of work, it can come in a single sentence or prose; there really are countless options.

I always thought that no words I say or think to myself could ever mean the same to someone else, and maybe that isn’t a bad thing. One funny thing about poetry is that you don’t have to understand it. You don’t have to feel the same way about a piece as someone else does. It’s all up to you.