Working Papers

1. The Advisory Role of Multinational Directors in U.S. Firms 
with Naveen Daniel and John McConnell
(revision requested by Journal of Accounting and Economics)

2. Director Overlap: Groupthink versus Teamwork (with Jeff Coles and Naveen Daniel)

3. Sources of Financial Flexibility: Evidence from Cash Flow Shortfalls
with  Naveen Daniel  and Dave Denis

  • Presented at the AFA  meeting

4. Information Discovery by Analysts (with Naveen Daniel and Sangmook Lee)

  • Presented at the AFA  meeting
  • Best paper award at 10th Annual Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (2015)
  • “Top 10%” Session at FMA (2015) meeting

5.  Director Connections and Board Advising (with Jeff Coles, Naveen Daniel, and Farooq Durrani)

  • Presented at the AFA meeting

6 . Changing US Economy and Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity (with Naveen Daniel, Jingbo Yu, and Wahib M. Ghazni)

7. Diversity in Corporate Boards (with Anzhela Knyazeva and Diana Knyazeva)

  • Presented at ASSA meeting

8. Causal Impact of Risk Oversight Functions on Bank Risk: Evidence from the Dodd-Frank Act (with Lakshmi Balasubramanyan, Naveen Daniel, and Joe Haubrich)

  • Presented at NBER Risk of Financial Institutions Summer Institute