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Interdisciplinary Brownbag Series

The interdisciplinary brownbag series is organized by the Finance, Accounting, and Strategy departments.  This is co-ordinated by Lalitha Naveen, Sudipta Basu, and Ram Mudambi.  Please contact these faculty if you would like to present a paper in this series.  Seminar time is 12:00-1:00

31-AprYi Liang Determinants and Consequences of Pay-Ratio disclosures
25-AprSteve Balsam / Pavel Savor / Ram Mudambi Elements of Good Research 
18-Apr Wei Wang Nonlinear Bank Loan Loss Provisioning
11-Apr Mahsa KavianiThe Real Effects of Political Connections: Evidence from the Corporate Loan Market        
21-Mar Hosein Maleki Credit ratings and capital structure stability
 25-Oct Dmitri ByzalovModeling Earnings Discontinuities: A Maximum Likelihood Approach
4-OctHosein Maleki Lending Relationships and the Resolution of Financial Distress
27-SepSudipta Basu Measuring Investment Opportunities using Financial Statement Text
  19-AprJang WookThe impact of Asymmetric Risk on CEO Compensation
  5-Apr Bartram SohnkeWhy Does Idiosyncratic Risk Increase with Market Risk? 
30-NovHan-Up Park Profitability Changes and Abnormal Returns after a Sales Decline
16-NovOleg RytchkovInformation Aggregation and Data Snooping
2-NovJang Wook LeeThe impact of Earnings Management Activities on Equity Incentives
5-Oct Lily Li  Wealth Transfer & Acquirer CEO Incentives on the Method of Payment in Acquisitions
14-SepMahsa Kaviani Bank Competition and Corporate Risk-Taking
4-MayLily Li / Wei GaoRelationship Status and Productivity/Identification with Correlated Endogenous Variables
27-AprChi ZhangIPO Underwriting
20-AprRon Anderson / Kose Johnanel Discussion: Having a successful career in academia
16-MarNatalia Reisel Why are firms sold? Evidence from acquisitions of European private firms
24-FebYi Liang StateDirector Liability Law and Accounting Conservatism
9-DecShira CohenVoluntary Disclosure and Corporate Investment
2-DecLea SternA Learning-Based Approach to Evaluating Boards of Directors
12-AugJamie Weathers Builders vs. Buyers: Impact on M&A Returns
15-JulWei Gao Impact of JOBS act on corporate governance and firm value
1-JunDavid Reeb   (Mis)Measuring Innovation Around the World

Spring 2015

29-AprSheng Huang Why do U.S. firms invest less over time?
22-AprSo Yean Kwack Top Management Team Connections
25-MarJennifer JuergensAnalyst coverage and acquisition returns: Evidence from natural experiments
12-MarLarry Brown20 pointers for conducting and publishing research
25-FebDavid ZhangWhy do information technology firms hold large cash balances?
18-FebAmy Wang / Mike PuleoEarly stage ideas
11-FebSheryl Winston SmithSwinging for the fences: How do top accelerators impact the trajectories of new ventures?    
4-Febudipta Basu / Ram MudambiCraft of Research
21-JanOleg Rytchkov Asset Pricing with Index Investing
14-JanSteve BalsamCreditor Control and CEO Compensation: Evidence from Debt Covenant Violations
17-DecSophie LiangFiscal Policy, Political Parties and Asymmetric Cost Behavior: Evidence from State Governments
10-DecLalitha Naveen Board Groupthink
3-DecMercedes DelgadoClusters and the Great Recession 
26-NovNO SEMINARThanksgiving break
19-NovRam MudambiMade, Not Born: Majors, Legitimacy and Rents from Blockbuster Innovation
12-NovSo Yean KwackThe impact of CEO social and business connections on CEO compensation and turnover
5-NovNO SEMINARYoung Scholars Forum
29-OctLaura GasiorowskiFriends in the right places: Non-market connections as an emerging market strategy 
14-OctMike Puleo  Pledged Shares, Insider Opportunism, and Firm Performance