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Principle Investigator

Robert J. Levis, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Chemisty
Director, Center for Advanced Photonics Research
Senior Associate Dean, College of Science and Technology

Curriculum Vitae


Dmitri A. Romanov, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of Physics


Dilini Dassanayake
Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry

Ning Ding
Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry

My current research interest is mass spectral imaging of single cells, which is a powerful tool for many applications, including exploration of cellular heterogeneity and metabolomics. In our group, we have developed laser electrospray mass spectrometry (LEMS). My project is aimed at improving the imaging capabilities of LEMS in order to achieve single-cell sensitivity.

Yu Wang
Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry

My research focuses on the photodissociation dynamics of polyatomic molecules by intense, ultrafast laser pulses. A cationic wavepacket is prepared by strong field ionization and probed using pump-probe mass spectroscopy. By comparing experimental results with high-level ab initio calculations we can understand the dissociation pathways and use this understanding to develop control schemes for molecular fragmentation.