New Survey Articles from Blackwell Compass

fragments_button-reco.jpgThe following survey articles come from Blackwell Compass, which describes itself as “a suite of state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed survey articles across entire disciplines. Disciplines currently covered are Geography, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion.” Good place to go to catch up on recent advances in the literature of a topic. Women’s Experiences of Hindu Traditions: A State of the Field Review Static models of Hindu women as marginalized and muted subjects have in recent years been enlivened by a body of work that investigates the ways in which women both subtly and overtly resist, contest, and re-imagine these roles. Psychological Similarities Between Men and Women Across Cultures In this paper, I review a body of cross-cultural evidence showing that it is precisely in these Western countries that women and men differ the most in terms of personality, self-construal, values, or emotions. Much less-pronounced gender differences are observed, if at all, in Asian and African countries. Contemporary British-Jewish Writing: From Apology to Attitude This article surveys contemporary British-Jewish writing. It looks at a variety of texts to argue that British-Jewish writing is gaining a new visibility, momentum and confidence. Teaching and Learning Guide for: Racial Residential Segregation in Urban America We present an overview of research about racial residential segregation. The first part of the article reviews major debates and findings drawn primarily from the sociological literature. The second part of the article identifies new areas of research that in some cases cross into other disciplines such as geography and urban studies. Personality in Non-Human Animals The wave of new studies is shedding fresh light on traditional issues in personality research (How do early experiences affect adult personality?), raising novel questions (What are the evolutionary origins of personality traits?) and addressing practical problems (Which dogs are best suited to detecting explosives?). Causal Theories of Mental Content Causal theories of mental content (CTs) ground certain aspects of a concept’s meaning in the causal relations a concept bears to what it represents. ————————————————————————————————————– Subject Guides Classics // Islamic Studies // Jewish Studies // Philosophy // Religion ————————————————————————————————————–

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