Sourcing the Soul

“Now’s the time to appreciate Philly soul great Thom Bell, one of ‘The Mighty Three’ alongside Gamble and Huff.” Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA], July 11, 2020, NA. Gale General OneFile (accessed February 22, 2021).

  • Scope
    • This source takes a look at the songwritters of the Philly Soul genre, the often forgot about 3rd writer(Bell), and contributions to the musical scene
  • Argument
    • This source argues that there should be a third titan/creative force behind the Philadelphia soul music movement. Most people only talk about Gamble and Huff in regards to the formation and creative drive behind the genre, but Bell deserves just as much.
  • Significance
    • This sheds light on a little talked about figure, who played a large roll in the formation and success of the genre. This is important because it’s giving credit and a voice to someone who deserves more attention for the work that he did.
  • Evidence
    • The article lists many of Bell’s accomplishments, both inside and outside of Philly. He helped write songs alongside Gamble and Huff, orchestrated strings, and co-owned the building that Philadelphia International operated out of. He had the change to work with Aretha Franklin and helped make several groups into successes.

Philly Soul

For the final i’d like to focus on Philadelphia Soul (not the sports team) and it’s impact on the city and the nation. I would need to know a couple fundamental things to truly study this musical movement.

  • What was the social and political landscape that helped to fuel this creative outlet?
    • both locally and nationally
  • Why isn’t the Philly music scene as prominent anymore?
    • Essentially, where did it go?
  • Who were the people responsible for Philly Soul’s success?
    • Both artists and people behind the scenes
  • Why was Motown more dominant?
  • Are there currently any markers, sites, memorials, or museums in the city that pay homage to this facet of the city’s history?

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Thoughts on the Final

  1. Topic Ideas

A) Black Music in Philadelphia (specifically Motown, Jazz, and Rock around the 30’s-60’s)

B) The Lenne-Lenape and the interactions they had with Penn/the settlers of Philly

2. Explaination

Music has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to know more about the stories behind these works of art. I “discovered” Motown music a couple years ago and was hooked. Later, while on a day-trip into the city I started to see signs denoting the importance that Philly played in the 30’s – 70’s music scene. There’s even a mural to Grover Washington Jr. outside of the Broad St. 7-11 on Temple’s campus. North Philly has had a storied history with music and I would love to discover parts of that.

I’ve been told the history of the Lenne-Lenape (Lenape) since childhood. They have played a large role in this area of the US. My personal story, where I was primarily taught about them, was through Boy Scouts/Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is a sub-branch of the BSA, and has a tradition of focusing on Native American stories.

My Map of Philly

This is MY map of Philadelphia. I came across this design in a small shop, Philadelphia Independents, in Old City while I was exploring the area on my bike. This art really spoke to me as this described my city as I saw it. Every morning I wake up to this beautiful skyline outside of my house, each building and statue tells a different story and I feel a connection to most of them.

Over all the different trips I take City Hall is in the center, with Willy Penn standing resolutely. He appears as a guardian over the city and there are few places where you can’t see him. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are some of my first trips and memories of the city that I have. Love Park the site of many dates and the Christmas Village I go to yearly. The Rocky Statue, Washington of his horse, and the river remind me of more recent times, when I was finally able to go to the art museum and the SRT. Liberty One is one of my favorite places in the city, with an amazing little mall to spend time in relaxing and the most magnificent views of the city. And Fairmount Park and the cemetery seems to surround the city, as that is the first thing I see when heading in. This is my city. This is my home.

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Bio Blog Post

Eddie Weinberger. He/Him.

Junior. Computer Science.

I went to school and participated in sports up until high school in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In high school I involved myself with marching band as well as a part time job to keep myself occupied. Any time that was not occupied by school or work was spent playing video games and I gained an appreciation for computers and technology in general. I completed my 12-year journey in Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle in my senior year. I then graduated and decided that Temple University was the best fit for my future career goals and focus my studies on computers.

History, to me, is simply the study of great events that shaped the world that we currently reside in and the great people and stories that helped to manufacture those events.