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Elementor Pro

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Here at we are pleased to announce that we offer Elements Pro as an editor.

To use the ‘Elementor Pro‘ Plugin, you must first have the ‘Elementor‘ plugin activated.

After, you will have to submit a TuHelp ticket requesting Elementor Pro access on your site.


Elementor Pro Features

there is a lot of additional functionality added to Elementor when you enable ‘Elementor Pro’ onto your site.

Some of the additional functionality from the plugin is:

  • 300+ Pro Templates & Blocks
  • Custom Fonts & Adobe TypeKit
  • Slides & Carousels
  • Custom CSS
  • Scrolling Effects
  • Animated Headlines
  • Flip Box
  • 15+ Other Design Widgets
  • Popup Builder
  • Sticky Elements
  • Social Buttons & Integrations
  • Social Proof Widgets
  • Call To Action Widget
  • Form Widget
  • Request Parameters
  • Custom Field Integrations