Math course sequence

With the new math courses developed in 2016, are you confused about which courses meet the requirements of your major?  Here is a handy guide:

Environmental Science majors

Students can take Math 1042 Calc II in addition to Math 1044 or EES 2051.  It does not overlap significantly.  Students cannot take Math 1044 and Math 2031, they currently overlap too much.  If a student wants to get credit for Math 2031, they have to take Calc II.

Students can take EES2051 at any point, but there is some benefit to taking it early in the sequence as it provides practical applications to help understand the other quantitative courses.  Students can take EES2051 and Calc II, but only one will count in the major.

Geology majors

Students can take both Math 1044 and Calc II, but will get credit only for one in the major requirements.

A new math prep course will be offered starting Fall 2017, EES2051 Quantitative Methods in Earth Sciences.  Students can also take EES2051 as an elective at any point.  This course will include use of Excel and Matlab, visualizing data using cross-plots, histogram, maps, vector fields, and descriptive statistics. However, it is NOT a substitute for the statistics requirement.

Students are not required to take Calc III in order to do well in EES 4101 Structural Geology  Material on vectors is covered at the beginning of Structural Geology.  In addition, vectors and other math prep techniques are covered in EES2051.