2019 Studio

For 2019, seven graduate planning students collaborated on a single studio project, Crossing Lancaster. A Multimodal Transportation Safety Study of the Avenue.

REPORT COVERThis report was created by the 2019 Temple University Planning Studio team for the People’s Emergency Center (PEC). The purpose of this plan is to highlight the existing conditions for pedestrian and cyclist safety along Lancaster Avenue and provide PEC with the necessary information to obtain appropriate funding and partnerships with other city agencies and community groups that will help to improve safety along the corridor. Recommendations for improvements include both corridor wide suggestions as well as recommendations for individual intersections, including five significant strategies for responding to common issues: (1) Paint Mural and Artist Crosswalks, (2) Add Temporary Curb Extensions and Bumpouts, (3) Add Street Trees & Benches, (4) Repaint Crosswalks, Street Lines, and Direction Markings, and (5) Address Pinch Points and Obstructions.