• On page 15, the definition of the Pareto Property of a Social Choice Function should restrict the domain (calligraphic S) to be (calligraphic P), the domain of strict preference orderings.
  • On page 28, 17 lines from the bottom, “depends linearly on x and possibly nonlinearly on x-hat” should be “depends linearly on x_1 and possibly nonlinearly on x-hat”. Thanks to Justin Contat for pointing this out to me.
  • On page 29, in the second to the last line of Theorem 1.4, the last component of the allocation z should be x_I, not x_i (uppercase I instead of lowercase i).
  • On page 40, definition 2.2, the set of all type profiles should be Theta_1 x … x Theta_I, instead of (Theta_1 X … , Theta_I).
  • On page 48, in the second line of the statement of part 1 of Theorem 2.2, there is a superfluous “times” sign in the domain of the function h_i.
  • On page 48, in the last line (above the footnote), the last subscript should be j, not i.
  • On page 93, in equation (4.6), the argument of the second term in the left hand side should be (1,0), not (0,1).
  • On page 269, in the unnumbered equation below (A.20), the subscript of the second q should start with 2, not 1.
  • On page 274, in equation (A.36), a delta_i is missing before the fraction at the end. Thanks to Adam Lavallee for pointing this out to me.
  • On page 275, exercise 47, the constant b^i should be written with i as a subscript, not a superscript, to avoid it being confused for an exponent.
  • On page 284, the publication year, 1989, of the Mas-Colell and Silvestre reference is missing.


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