Blog Post 5: Secondary Sources

Source Citation: “‘Both Spectacular And UNREMARKABLE:” a Letter to the United Nations on Police Violence in Philadelphia,” December 9, 2020.

S: The scope, or purpose of this article was to file a formal complaint by the United Nations against the Philadelphia Police Department. The complaint was written after the Black Lives Matter protests in Philadelphia, where numerous videos and eyewitnesses recount use of excessive force and violence against the BLM protestors, while providing support and empowerment to armed groups of mostly white counter-protestors.

A: the argument being made here is that The PPD needs to be held accountable for vicious misuse of authority, and the suppression of those exercising their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

S: This source is extremely significant. It involves two very important and influential organizations; the ACLU and the UN. In filing the report, it put the PPD on blast worldwide, and hopefully will contribute to change, or at the very least accountability,

E: There is ample amounts of evidence to support the complaint. This includes eyewitness accounts, video evidence, and severe bodily damage to name a few.

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