Cordes lab in the News


Gulf’s Mysterious Deep Corals Reveal Oil Spill’s Slow-Motion Damage. Oceans Deeply, News Deeply. November 27, 2017.

Is this Gulf of Mexico tubeworm the longest living animal in the world? Science Daily. July 17, 2017.

In the depths of the oceans, business as usual takes a toll. Ensia. July 7, 2017.

Scientists Discover A Lake Under The Sea: Those Who Swim There Never Come Back Alive. IFLScience, Oct 31, 2016. Over 20,000 “shares” of the article that day, and over 60,000 people discussing it in Facebook and Twitter as it was “trending” that day.

Uncharted waters: Restoring deep Gulf fouled by BP spill. Associated Press, May 30, 2016.

Deep-Sea brine lake dubbed “Jacuzzi of Despair” Discovery News, May 5, 2016.

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