Welcome to the lab

Cold-Water Coral Reefs of the World

volume available now from Springer Publishing

What we study

DEEP-SEA CORALS (except some are not really deep sea, so we could call them cold-water corals, except not all of them are in cold water – so, we study CORALS).

COLD SEEPS (except they are not all cold, so we can call them hydrocarbon seeps, but other things can seep up through the crust in the deep sea, so let’s just call them SEEPS)

SEAMOUNTS (they are mountains, except under the sea)

THE DEEP SEA (yes, it is deep, and yes, it is the sea)

Where we work

CORALS: Gulf of Mexico, Southeast U.S., Caribbean, Costa Rica, Phoenix Islands

SEEPS: Gulf of Mexico, Southeast U.S., Costa Rica

SEAMOUNTS: Caribbean, Costa Rica, Phoenix Islands

THE DEEP SEA: is everywhere – the largest habitat on Earth

Tools we use

Manned submersibles (HOVs), ROVs, AUVs, CTDs, oceanography, marine aquaria, physiology, phylogenetics, population genetics, RNAseq, community ecology, population ecology, statistical analysis, predictive habitat modeling

Issues we are tackling

Oil and gas industry impacts and management

Global ocean change (climate change, but in the oceanwarming, ocean acidification, deoxygenation)

Fisheries management

Deep-Sea Mining

A Few Recently Published Papers (click for more)

Check out our recent research projects:

Costa Rica: Methane Seep Ecology
Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA)
#DEEPSEARCH: Canyons, Corals, and Seeps off the US East Coast