ConTemplum meets every Wednesday at 7:30. We listen to new music, discuss ideas, topics, and trends in contemporary music; hear each other’s work; and listen to composers, choreographers, and film makers talk about their work and collaborations.

Weekly meetings will be a hybrid of online and in-person. Regular meetings will generally take place on Zoom, but special events and speakers may take place on campus. And of course, concerts are in person on campus!

Fri. 1/21  DEADLINE: Temple Composers’ Orchestra Signup

Wed. 2/2/22 WORKSHOP: Katie Ventura, harp and Wendy Bickford, clarinet

2/9/22 WORKSHOP: Ben Price, guitar

Fri. 2/18  CONCERT: SPLICE Ensemble Residency

Mon. 2/21  DEADLINE: Soundprints III Signup

Wed. 3/9 CONCERT: Soundprints III

TBD  CONCERT: HUB New Music Reading

Mon. 3/21  DEADLINE: Signup for Soundprints IV

Wed. 3/30  CONCERT: Temple Composers’ Orchestra

Wed. 4/6   CONCERT: Soundprints IV