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Reading with Argus Quartet
Argus Quartet Concert

Every semester we provide opportunities for our members to showcase their own works through conTemplum-hosted concerts.

We host a variety of different concerts throughout the year, with each providing their own unique experience.

All of our concerts are livestreamed, and can be found through the Boyer Recording Studio YouTube Channel.


SoundPrints concerts occur twice a semester, and provide an outlet for our composers’ works to be performed. Come to these concerts to hear new music by Temple student composers!

Insomnia Sounds

Insomnia Sounds is an event where our composers and performers write, rehearse, and perform new music in a 24-hour time period.

On Friday night, composers pick performers’ names out of a hat, and write a piece for those performers in 12 hours. Then the performers have 12 hours to rehearse the piece before the concert on Saturday night. This concert provides a unique experience for our composers and performers by forcing them to work fast; sometimes our bests works come out of these concerts!

Guest Artists

Every semester, ConTemplum hosts one guest artist or group to come to Temple University’s campus and hold a reading of composers’ works, followed by a concert of new music from the artist. These are great opportunities to work with professionals for a specific instrument or specific ensemble, and hear your compositions in real-time!

Temple Composers Orchestra

During the spring semester, conTemplum organizes a large group of student musicians to form a chamber orchestra, providing our composers with a chance to write for orchestra and our performers with a chance to perform new music. TCO rehearses our composers’ new works for several weeks, culminating in a concert where these works are showcased. TCO is a one-of-a-kind experience for composers, performers, student conductors, and audiences alike.