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TUCL Projects

Our Lab typically is engaged in a variety of research projects focused on children at various ages, ranging from early childhood (i.e., Pre-K and Kindergarten aged) up to adolescence (i.e., Middle/High School aged). In addition we also engage in research projects with undergraduate students. Our research projects commonly center on understanding questions such as:

  • How do spatial and numerical magnitude understanding develop and how can we improve them?”
  • “How do children think about their math and reading ability?”

Research projects may differ in terms of their set-up, but typically have consisted of one or two session studies, involving the completion of online questionnaires independently and then either playing some games and/or completing some measures over Zoom with a researcher. Our studies are typically fairly short, with our one-session studies generally totaling 20-minutes and our two-session studies generally totaling 45- to 60-minutes.

For parents & children interested in signing up, but not eligible for the current study:

We will be running studies for parents and children in the future, and would be happy to contact you if you’re eligible for one. Fill out our interest form here, and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop!