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Susan Benear




Graduate Student

Temple University

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Expected Graduation: August 2022

Ongoing Projects:

  • Evaluating the relationship between 4-7-year-old children’s event segmentation during ongoing perception and their subsequent episodic memory
  • Conducting representational similarity analysis (RSA) on fMRI data in 4-10-year-old children and adults to investigate pattern similarity during naturalistic video viewing
  • Investigating memory replay in children using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

Research Interests:

  • How event cognition in children relates to their mnemonic performance, particularly through the formation of a narrative structure for episodic recall
  • How development and senescence of episodic and semantic memory across the lifespan overlap and inform current models of memory
  • The role of white matter connectivity and hippocampal development in early childhood memory performance

Future Plans: 

My dissertation work (expected defense August 2022) focuses on how event cognition and event memory differ between children and adults, as well as how these functions vary between age groups in early childhood. Additionally, my work seeks to use fMRI to explore how events are represented in children’s brains, and whether children’s behavioral event boundaries map onto children’s neural data.