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Kim holding a human brain at the Hippocampal Subfields Group meeting 14 in June, 2023
Gigi's poster presentation for Learning and Memory, 2023
Caroline's poster presentation for Neuroscience Research Day, 2023
Dr. Olson at the Girls in STEM fair, 2023
Lab Solstice Party in December, 2022
Send off party for Maddy Frazier in March, 2022
Lab movie & Mexican food night night to see Dune in October, 2021
Zoe Ngo and William Hampton, the former Olson Lab party committee, in 2021
Linda's poster presentation for SNL 2020
Linda's poster presentation for AOA 2020
Linda's poster presentation from INS 2020 in Denver, CO
Zoe's Poster Presentation May 2019
Celebrating Zoe's Dissertation Defense
SANS Miami 2019
Haroon's poster presentation at SANS 2019 in Miami, FL
Nasia's poster presentation at SANS 2019 in Miami, FL
SANS Miami 2019
Last Lecture for Cognitive Neuroscience – Spring 2019
Haroon’s 1st Year Presentation – 2019
TURF Presentations 2018
TURF Presentations 2018
December 2017
September 2017
September 2017
September 2017
December 2016
Jessica Koski giving a talk at SANS
Spring 2015
2012 Honors Poster Presentation
Fall 2008
Celebrating Jessica Collins’s dissertation defense