October 2019: Dr. Chemtob’s proposal to the NASA Solar System Workings program, “Experimental Investigations of the Formation, Stability, and Detectability of Mixed-Valent Iron Smectites on Mars”, was selected for funding! This project will include collaborators at NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA Goddard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University.

August 2019: Dr. Chemtob and two graduate students (Andrew Chorney and Justin Morris) completed three days of beamtime at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Lab.

August 2019: Dr. Chemtob and two graduate students (Justin Morris and Paula Araneda) conducted field work for five days in the Santa Barbara area of California to observe the siliceous Monterey Formation over a range of diagenetic conditions.

August 2019: Welcome to new M.S. student Paula Araneda Noboa! Paula earned her B.S. in geology from Towson University in 2019. She arrives at Temple with a background in mineralogy, geochemistry, planetary surfaces, and microanalysis.

August 2018: Welcome to new M.S. student Justin Morris! Justin earned his B.S. in geology from Oregon State University in 2017. At Temple, he will conduct experiments on the diagenesis of silica in the presence of organic matter, with applications to understanding the time-temperature history of the Monterey Formation.

August 2017: Welcome to new Ph.D. student Andrew Chorney! Andrew is a geochemist who earned his M.S. from Penn State in 2014. He previously studied mass-independent sulfur isotope fractionation in Archaean rocks. At Temple, he will study the origin, structure, and geochemical properties of poorly-crystalline mineral precursors to banded iron formation.