Xue Feng

Xue Feng

My name is Xue which means snow. My mother gave this name to me not because I was born in winter, but because my hometown is in the northeast of China. Snowballs, snowmen and the white world are still a big part of my childhood memories.

However, for college, I selected a city which has no snow, Shanghai. There, at Shanghai Jiaotong University, I got my B.S in Polymer Engineering and M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering.

I came to the US to continue my education at the University of Pittsburgh. There I studied the interactions between molecules and carbon materials especially nanotubes.  I did my research in Philadelphia at Temple University with my co-advisor, Dr. Eric Borguet. Finding possible environmental applications of nanotubes is my long term research objective.

Dr. Xue Feng obtained her Ph.D. in 2005 from Temple University and went on to work as an Environmental and Process Control Analyst at Union Packaging, LLC in Philadelphia. In July 2007, Xue took a new position as an Environmental Compliance Engineer with Compliance Place. Currently, Dr. Xue Feng has been working at 3M as an environmental specialist since 2020.


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