Uduak Udoeyo

Uduak Udoeyo

Why research? Research is an exciting way to discover new things. In the scientific field, research is conducted daily to understand more of the world: what makes the world go round? Why is the sky blue? And why drink water? etc. Through the Undergraduate Research Program at Temple University, I can gain important research experience. Lead by an enthusiastic and helpful coordinator with wonderful professors who were willing to accept undergraduates into their labs; to expand their knowledge of the scientific field and the need for research. My major is biochemistry at the College of science and technology in Temple University. When I became engaged in research in the Borguet lab, I was introduced to the world of nanotechnology, its applications to real world problems, and its usage in various fields. I was excited about the work I was doing: the interactions with graduate students and my principal investigator, Dr. Eric Borguet. The exposure to journal reading and an experimental lab that differed from the course labs have inspired my career and my goals in life. I have been able to grow as an undergraduate research student and have continued to engage in programs that encourages the need for research. For example, the minority access to research careers program (MARC) directed by Dr. Jacqueline Tanaka and coordinated by Dr. Elizabeth Russell. I am grateful for the chances I have gotten in understanding what research entails and its importance.

Uduak was accepted into the Temple University MARC Program. September 2011.

Uduak was the first place winner at the Temple University URP Research Symposium for her presentation, “Titanium dioxide doped with palladium nanoparticles for sensing hydrazine.” October 2011.

Summer 2012 Uduak was accepted and completed the Biophysical Society summer course program; intensive course and research work at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She worked with Dr. Nancy Allbritton at the Department of Biomedical Engineering in UNC-Chapel Hill.

Uduak Udoeyo and Devika Sil were awarded honorable mention in the “Best undergraduate poster” session at ACS YCC Philadelphia 2012.

Uduak Udoeyo was awarded the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) student award.

After graduating in May 2013, Uduak attended the PREP program at UNC Chapel hill. In the Fall of 2014 she was accepted into Drexel University’s M.Sc. epidemiology program, and was awarded a research assistantship.

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