Ruiyu Wang

Ruiyu Wang,

I am from Tianjin, China. I obtained my B.Sc. in Chemistry in 2013 and a master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry & Physics in 2016 from Nankai University in the city where I was born. My previous research involved the synthesis of artificial gene vectors, the synthesis of nano-particles for the elimination of organophosphate pesticides by catalytic hydrolysis as well as theoretical calculations of the catalytic process.

I joined the Borguet group in Winter 2016 and carried out molecular dynamics simulations to investigate water/solid interfaces.  I studied the pattern of amino acid adsorption on the alumina surface, an important step in the origin of life on earth.  I also studied ion adsorption at alumina/water interfaces to find out how surfaces perturb water structure nearby and test the performance of a newly developed meta-GGA functional, SCAN, on the pKa of bulk water as well as water/solid interfaces.  I worked under the joint supervision of Dr. Eric Borguet and Dr. Vincenzo Carnevale in the Klein group and the ICMS

Ruiyu’s CV

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