My Hoang

My Hoang

My was born in Hai Phong, Vietnam, and came to the United State when she was 10. She spent the remainder of her childhood in Atlantic City, NJ. She went on to study biochemistry at Temple University. My’s interest in science stemmed from the idea of being able to find answers to unknown questions. She joined the Borguet Group in the summer of 2012 to study and work with Lan Nguyen on the purification of carbon nanotubes and the making of conductive thin films as substrates for cells to grow on. I was interested in the Borguet group’s research projects, mainly because of the possible applications that these nano-materials can potentially have in our daily life.

I was awarded the Creative Arts, Research And Scholarship (CARAS) grant from the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies for the Fall of 2012

I won a prize for the poster she presented at the Thermal Analysis Forum of Delaware Valley (TAFDV). Spring 2013.

After My graduated in May 2013, she joined Biocoat Incorporated, a company that specializes in hydrophilic coating for medical devices. While at Biocoat, My was given the opportunity to utilize her surface chemistry background to provide technical and application support. After a year and a half, My left Biocoat and went to Genesis Biotechnology Group to explore her options within a different field. Eight months later, I realized she preferred to work in an area which involved the application of surface chemistry. In 2015, My was given the opportunity to join Dow Coating Material – an extension of Dow Chemical Company – as a laboratory technologist. Not only does she get to work with chemistry on surfaces, but she also has a chance to bridge research with everyday life, a passion of hers.

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