Melissandre Richard

Dr. Melissandre Richard

I was born and raised in France, and I received my bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry in 2010 and my master’s degree in Materials Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources in 2012 from University of Poitiers, France. I defended my Ph.D. in December 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Bion and Fabien Can. During my doctoral research, I focused on studying innovative materials (perovskite-yttria stabilized zirconia dual-bed, ternary cobalt molybdenum nitrides) by applying both isotopic exchange and infrared spectroscopic techniques for heterogeneous catalysis application (methane oxidation, ammonia synthesis).

I joined the Borguet Group in October 2016 as a post-doctoral fellow with a focus on characterizing catalytic properties of noble and non-noble metal plasmonic nanomaterials using spectroscopic techniques and Ultra High Vacuum equipment. This DTRA funded research is performed in collaboration with research groups at University of Pittsburgh.

In fall 2018, Dr. Melissandre Richard took up a position as Maître de conférences at Université de Lille, France.

Dr. Richard’s CV


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