Logan Meyers

Logan Meyers, logan.meyers@temple.edu

Logan is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and he graduated from Norwin High School. He is currently a third-year student at Temple University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He plans of attending graduate school and pursuing a Ph.D. in Forensic Chemistry. He has interest in the properties of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFS) and their interesting properties with degrading chemical warfare agents. He has hopes that with further development and research that MOF’s can be useful in forensics.
Logan joined the Borguet Group in the Fall of 2022 where he researched metal oxyhydroxides and how pH plays a role in the formation of these oxyhydroxides and the catalytic hydrolysis of chemical warfare simulants.  He enjoyed being a part of the Borguet Group and is looking forward to new discoveries.

Logan Meyers’s CV

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