Jason Tran

Jason Tran

I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Blue Mountain High School in 2014. I am currently going for a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Physics as part of the Temple’s Class of 2018. I plan to continue and pursue a Ph.D in Chemistry. My love for chemistry blossomed during my 11th grade AP Chemistry class in High School, and was truly inspired by the best teacher I have ever had, Mr. William Swan. I owe my love and passion for chemistry to him. My aptitude for Physics comes from my interest in applied mathematics and problem solving.

I plan on pursuing research as a possible career, and the Borguet Group was my opportunity to prematurely delve into the research field. I wanted an opportunity to go into research as early as I could to find my niche. I am worked in the lab as a member of the Plasmonics/Non-Linear Optics Team.

Jason received the Albert B. Brown Chemistry Award. June 2015.

Jason was selected for the Science Scholars Program. August 2015.

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