Isabella Goodenough

Isabella Goodenough,

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Saint Joseph’s Univeristy (SJU) in Philadelphia. There I worked under the mentorship of Dr.Paul Angiolilo in the Department of physics probing the charge and spin dynamics in meso-to-meso ethyne bridged (porphinato) zinc (II) oligomers (Pznn compounds) both theroretically and computationally.

My primary research focus is a collaborative project between The University of Pittsburgh and Temple University, which seeks to generate materials capable of capturing, sensing and degrading target hazardous chemicals, such as chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). My role in this project is to reveal the fundamental properties of porous nanohybrid materials (Metal-Organic Framework materials) and their interactions with moelcular species using temperature programmed mass spectrometry and vibrational spectroscopic techniques under Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).

In a secondary project, I monitor the structural evolution of sapphire immobilized siver nanoparticles (AgNPs) through Atomic Force Microscopy by tracking individual nanoparticles after multiple cycles of oxidation and reduction. This work seeks to exploit various enviornmental and structural parameters AgNPs for furture use in catalysis, sensing and energy conversion.


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