Dr. Nikolay Dementev

Dr. Nikolay Dementev

Dr. Dementev’s research was focused on understanding (quantitatively and qualitatively) the role of the functional groups on the carbonaceous materials (such as carbon nanotubes, carbon black etc) and how they affected the properties of the materials.

He participated in the following projects:
1. Compare the results of the FLOSS technique applied to carbon nanotubes deposited onto the silicon surface with other techniques (depletion & reverse reaction experiments) in order to reveal the possible quenching-based limitations of the FLOSS to quantify functional groups.

2. Study of water adsorption -desorption processes on carbon black and on carbon nanotubes (SWNTs, MWNTs) by means of TPD analysis to find if there is a chemisorption of water inside the nanotubes.

3. Study of the adsorption -desorption processes of diethyl ether on carbon black and on carbon nanotubes (SWNTs, MWNTs) by means of IR and TPD analysis.

In November 2009 at the CST Awards Dinner, Nikolay was awarded the Francis H. Case Fellowship.

Nikolay Dementev defended his dissertation in December 2010.

Dr. Dementev was awarded a prestigious JSPS postdoctoral fellowship and joined the group of Professor Naotoshi Nakashima at Kyushu University (Japan) in 2011. His research mainly focuses on materials science

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