Dmitry Kazachkin

Dmitry Kazachkin

Dmitry joined the Borguet research group in 2006.  While with the Borguet Group Dmitry investigated properties of carbonaceous materials, such as carbon black, carbide derived carbons, and carbon nanotubes.

One of the research objectives was to understand how functional groups present on carbonaceous materials impact interactions with adsorbates . Specifically mercury (Hg) interaction with carbonaceous materials and role of surface functionalities in oxidation of Hg0 released from coal fired power plants was investigated.  The accumulated knowledge helped Dmitry to contribute to the development of carbonaceous material for mercury trapping, while he was working as an intern at Calgon Carbon Corporation. The developed product is available on the market and helps solve environmental problems on industrial scale.

Dmitry made a number of interesting observations studying carbon nanotubes. The publication in JACS on screening of molecules adsorbed inside SWCNTs was covered in Chemical Engineering News journal.

For the multiple research projects Dmitry collaborated with colleagues from other universities. Professor Stephan Irle (Nagoya University, Japan) and his group helped to provide a theoretical background on fundamental questions regarding molecular interactions with SWCNTs.  The productive work with Professor Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA) and his group led to publication of collaborative work in Thermochimica Acta on their investigation of chemical properties of modern class of carbon materials – Carbide Derived Carbons.

Dmitry Kazachkin defended his PhD dissertation in 2008. Dmitry’s dissertation.  After graduation Dmitry was working at Renmatix Inc. where he contributed to the development and scale-up of disruptive technology on conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to sugars.  The latter technology may enable transition from fossil to renewable economy in the future. In 2013 Dmitry joined Ingredion Inc. where he is holding now position of managing Principal Engineer. The company is the leader of providing ingredients for the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. Dmitry is helping the Ingredion team to develop and scale-up chemical processes for production of different ingredients special starches, rare sugars, and other products offering multiple health benefits.

Dmitry’s PhD dissertation:
Investigation of chemical and adsorption properties of carbon nanotubes: building a bridge for technological applications of carbon nanotubes
Dmitry Kazachkin, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2009

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