Datta Devulapalli

Venkata Swaroopa Datta Devulapalli,

Datta is the first student to join the Ph.D. program at Temple University under a joint initiative, IISER-TU Dual Doctoral Degree (DMDD), between the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India and Temple University.

As an undergraduate at IISER Pune, he worked on synthesizing complex carbohydrate structures present in glycoprotein 41 (GP 41), employing a novel alkynyl carbonate donor strategy, under the guidance of Dr. S. Hotha. Later, he joined the group of Dr. R. Vaidhyanathan and worked on the synthesis and development of photocatalytic materials, such as boron carbon nitrides (BCN).

Datta joined the Borguet group in Fall 2017. He started his research by studying the interactions of 3-D porous materials-metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) with simple chemicals such as acetone and earned his Masters degree from IISER Pune in 2018.

Currently, he studies the interactions of MOF and COFs with toxic industrial chemicals such as NH3. The stabilities of MOFs, COFs, are analyzed under controlled temperature and pressure conditions (100 K – 1300 K ; 10-10 Torr – ambient pressures) which provide insights into processes and factors that determine the complex chemistry of these materials.

Datta also leads the catalysis subgroup where the focus is on developing design rules and synthetic strategies of meal oxyhydroxides for the degradation of toxic organophosphates.


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