Caitlin My Hanh Thi Le

Caitlin My Hanh Thi Le,

My name is Caitlin Le, and my hometown is Souderton, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Souderton Area High School in 2020 and am currently studying biochemistry for my B.S., with a minor in mathematics. My goals for the future are to attend dental school and specialize as an orthodontist. Alongside orthodontics, I am interested in academic dentistry to further my research experiences and advance communities.

I joined the Borguet group in December 2021 to study the catalysis of biologically relevant substrates, such as cysteine, using covalent-organic frameworks (COFs) and related precursors. The Borguet Group was a suitable choice to challenge my scientific inquiry and pursue my passion for working in the laboratory so that I could present my research to others.

Caitlin’s CV

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