Machu Picchu & Galapagos

GroupSaqsaywamanRuinsNearCuzcoSmIn December 2014, Bob led a Temple Alumni Trip to Machu Picchu (Peru) and the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). These are a few photos from the trip. The picture above is not Machu Picchu, but another place near Cuzco – Saqsaywaman Ruins. This link will take you to the GALAPAGOS part of the trip!.

Museo Larca in Lima, Peru (below). Pre-Incan art. Outdoors – beautiful flowers. Indoors cool sculpture, including rather lascivious poses (not posted).DSC_0096MuseoLarcaOutsideSm

DSC_0113PreIncaArtSm DSC_0099PreIncaJAGUARsm

How can you visit Peru without checking out llamas?275LLamasSm

353LLamaSm 335LLamaSm

And what to do with llama or alpaca wool?




Perhaps you noticed some of the Incan stone masonry in the background. How did they cut these stones to such exact fits? It’s known, but what  skill amazing and perseverance.

Bob_IncaSoneMasonrySm IncaStonemasonry069sm

MACHU PICCHUMP.LLama_0190smMP_038smMP_0296sm


This is a series of three photos along a trail that was a “backdoor” into Machu Picchu with a bridge that could be withdrawn. We could walk to the gate but not beyond to the bridge. Note the bridge in the first photo.MP_BeforeEndOfLineSmMP_EndOfLineSmMP_BeyondEndOfLineSm

Another llama and a rodent called a viscacha (not to scale).

LLama_0155smViscacha at MP smMPtoSunGate_0206smMP.bob_0194sm

Here’s a link to the GALAPAGOS part of the trip!