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 Foods which resemble your body parts are healthy for that organ?

Here at BioFoods we are here to help you find the right foods to meet your health requirement. But first here is are examples of foods that are beneficial to your body (Note that your options are not limited to foods mentioned. Please take into account any allergies before making a decision).

Nature’s unlikely Twins

A Carrot and the eye


Carrot                                                                                               Human Eye

What makes a carrot healthy for the eyes? Carrots have a high concentration of vitamin A; essential for eye site. Carrots also have Beta Carotene which prevent free radicals from damaging eye cells overtime.

Sweet Potatoes and the Pancreas








The Pancreas                                                                                                       Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes facilitate the process of balancing glycemic index. This is especially very useful to diabetic individuals. Sweet potatoes also reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.

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