Initial Transmission Vector.

While this is my first time doing any kind of blog, I am by no means a stranger to creativity and art.

Ever since I was a young kid I remember being exposed to all kinds of people and works that still linger with me. And even now I still manage to stumble upon new things, at home or elsewhere.

While I’m not sure what the goal of this is, I’m hoping that it will encourage me to be more expressive in my creativity, which I feel has been hindered by my years studying Biology in college. I certainly feel that there is a place for more elaborate art within science outside of textbook illustrations and I have some ideas already for a drawing or two but who’s to say where they will lead. Until then, this is the first thing I ever drew in relation to my biology studies. It’s an exercise in color and basic shapes inspired by the observation of gram positive staining of E. coli and elements from Gel-Electrophoresis from my Sophomore year microbiology class. Enjoy.