About: Artistic Pathogenesis

     To start simply, my name is Baron and I’m currently a 5th year Biology student. While I’m passionate about biology viruses and infections diseases, I have always been keen about art. While they may seem disconnected, I feel that there are many instances where they marry into one another. This page is my attempt at that.

     There is a plethora of highly detailed and anatomically accurate illustrations in textbooks, with some artistic license, of course, but rarely have I ever seen examples of genuine creative art with anything biology as the subject. Cartoons and satire excluded.

     In my undergraduate years, I have noticed a gradual decline in my creativity. Obviously, time is a factor, but in reality, I could find half an hour each day to flex my right-brain thinking and fill this gap I fin in my character. While I’m at it, I’ve made the subject of this effort my left-brain burden; Biology.

     As for the page itself, I chose the title “Artistic Pathogenesis” to represent the infections nature of creativity that I hope to re-establish within myself. I’ll aim to keep the theme of this going, hence the introductory post title, with no promises of regularly posting. Maybe that’ll change.

Besides the blog posts, I’ll be reposting the images of what I make in a separate gallery with a brief description of what they are. Blog posts themselves will contain more detail about what inspired me and what I hoped to capture. For my posterity, I may occasionally post some of the scholarly articles that I’ve read, which become the basis of my works. In select instances, they may elaborate on what the relevance is to biology or they may provide information that aids interpretation.

There’ll be many changes to come.

– Baron