January 10, 2017







Attending: Rachel Appel, Doreva Belfiore, Aslaku Berhanu, Brian Boling, Anastasia Chiu, Carla Davis Cunningham, Mark Darby, Kristina De Voe (chair), Matt Ducmanas, Fobazi Ettarh, Leanne Finnigan, Erin Finnerty, Justin Hill, Josue Hurtado, Dave Lacy, Molly Larkin, Rebecca Lloyd, Jill Luedke, Jessica Lydon, Delphine Khanna, Karen Kohn (recording), Fred Rowland, Cynthia Schwarz, Caitlin Shanley, Matt Shoemaker, Jackie Sipes, Margery Sly, Gretchen Sneff, Emily Toner, Nancy Turner, Sarah Yerger

  1. Approval of minutes from the November meeting (K. Kohn)

Minutes were approved.


  1. Special Election (E. Finnerty/J. Bongiovanni)

Sarah Yerger was elected as member-at-large to the AAL Steering Committee. She will complete Leanne’s term.


  1. New staff introductions
  2. Rachel Appel (D. Khanna)

Delphine introduced Rachel, who is the new Digital Projects and Services Librarian in the department of Digital Library Initiatives and comes to us from Bryn Mawr College.


  1. Emily Toner (C. Schwarz)

Cynthia introduced Emily Toner, who is the new Technology Projects Librarian in the department of Library Technology Development and comes to us from Boston College.


  1. Change in Bylaws — vote (K. De Voe)

The changes were passed.


  1. Update on Alma and discovery project (C. Schwarz)

There are two major parts to the migration project: the ILS migration from Millennium to Alma, and the creation of a new discovery layer. Temple will provide the first data load to Ex Libris in January and will have an instance of Alma running in March with our own data. We will do the final cutover to Alma in June, after an early fiscal year close.

The planned go-live date for both Alma and the discovery layer is June 29, although the discovery layer will initially only have the functionality to replace Diamond (the catalog search). Article searching will be added by December 2017.

[NOTE: This has been changed since the meeting. The Libraries will go live with Alma on June 29, using Primo as the discovery layer. Development of the Blacklight discovery layer will continue, and a beta will be available in December 2017. Development and testing will continue throughout the spring 2018 semester with Blacklight replacing Primo in June of 2018.]


There will be training on Alma for all staff during Spring break (week of March 13), [NOTE: This has been changed since the meeting. More details will be forthcoming.] with sessions in room 130 each day.


Cynthia provided a handout with a timeline for the migration, an organizational chart of personnel involved in the migration, and links to online documentation of the project.


  1. Old Business



  1. New Business/Announcements



  1. Adjournment


Continuing Education Committee

Breaking Below the Surface of Racism, Whiteness, and Implicit Bias

April Hathcock on Diversity and Inclusion in Libraries
Wednesday, April 27th from 2-3:30PM
Paley Library Lecture Hall

In a talk followed by Q&A, April Hathcock will discuss her recent research on diversity and inclusion in libraries. As Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU Libraries, Hathcock educates the NYU research community on issues relating to access, ownership, and rights associated with the research lifecycle. Her research interests include cultural creation and exchange and the ways in which social and legal infrastructures benefit the works of certain groups over others, and she recently published “White Librarianship in Blackface: Diversity Initiatives in LIS” with In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Continuing Education Committee

Girl Develop It: Technology Education for Women

Tuesday, April 19th from 2-3:00PM (lecture) and 3-5:00PM (workshop)
Paley Library Lecture Hall (lecture) and Digital Scholarship Center (workshop)

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. In this two-part lecture/Q&A and interactive workshop, Elise Wei and Tracy Russell from Girl Develop It Philadelphia will discuss their organization and mission, and then lead participants in an Intro to Programming Concepts workshop. Participants can choose to attend one or both parts of this event, but we will ask for separate registration for the workshop (look for a link in a later email). This event is co-sponsored by the Code Rascals group.

Continuing Education Committee

Hidden Disabilities at Temple

Monday, March 28th from 2-3:30PM
Paley Library Lecture Hall

“Hidden disabilities” (sometimes called “invisible disabilities”) refer to disabilities and associated medical conditions that may not be readily apparent to others, because people with these disabilities may not use a visible support or adaptive device (e.g., a wheelchair, use of sign language, a cane, etc.).

Jennifer Uber, Student Services Coordinator at Temple’s Disability Resources and Services office, will discuss hidden disabilities in the context of working with library patrons and colleagues.