March 20, 2018




Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2:00 PM

Paley Library Lecture Hall


Attending: Rachel Appel, Steven Bell, Brian Boling, Jim Bongiovani, Olivia Given Castello, Carla Davis Cunningham (chair), Kristina De Voe, Matt Ducmanas, Leanne Finnigan, Andrea Goldstein, Justin Hill, Josue Hurtado, Sarah Jones, Jessica Lydon, Karen Kohn (recording), Molly Larkin, Joe Lucia (ex officio), Urooj Nizami, Stefanie Ramsay, Fred Rowland, Brian Schoolar, Adam Shambaugh, Caitlin Shanley, Matt Shoemaker, Katy Rawdon, Jackie Sipes, Margery Sly, Holly Tomren, Emily Toner, Kim Tully, Nancy Turner, Sarah Yerger

  1. Approval of minutes from the January and November meetings (Karen Kohn)

minutes were approved


  1. Introductions:

Olivia Castello (Steven Bell) Olivia started February 1 as Head of the Business, Social Science, and Education Unit within LRS. She comes to us from Bryn Mawr.


  1. Dean’s update (Joe Lucia)

There will be hard hat tours of the new library building starting next week. The first one had been scheduled for tomorrow but was postponed due to expected snow.

Fundraising is ongoing for the Charles Library. There is a gift that will be used to create an endowment for the library.


  1. Update on Merit/Annual Report form (Kim Tully) and timeline (Karen Kohn)

Kim presented her task force’s proposed changes to the Annual Report form. The form has been reorganized to mirror the criteria for merit. Karen presented a proposal from the Merit Committee, which included changes to the timeline and a description of what kind of information should be included in the narrative.

Questions were raised regarding timing of supervisor due dates. There were no objections to the proposals.


  1. Report from Faculty Senate representative (Josué Hurtado)

The Faculty Senate held a special meeting about the multi-purpose facility (stadium), which President Englert attended. A number of faculty expressed concerns about the stadium in terms of necessity, impact on the local community, as well as ethical considerations given what we are learning about the long term health of football players. At this meeting the Senate voted 24-1, with three abstentions, to oppose the construction of the stadium.

There was a recent questionnaire about disability sent out to faculty.

TAUP has recommended that adjuncts be included in the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.

Dan Berman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies spoke to the Senate.

The Senate is looking at standards for communications on social media, in response to some faculty who had been harassed.


  1. Old business



  1. New business

There has been a change at the university level, and staff are no longer allowed to spend university money on snacks for internal events. Food can only provided if there are outside attendees.

Carla was asked to provide a list of AAL members who would be willing to meet as a group with the Dean’s Review Committee. She has provided a list of 8 names. There is also an opportunity for other people to provide feedback to the committee by emailing As a memo from the Provost had stated that only non-anonymous feedback will be taken into account, Caitlin explained that in fact the review committee will not see the names of staff who submit feedback using this email address. The requirement of non-anonymity in this case means that when comments are received at this email address, the Provost will verify that the sender is affiliated with Temple, but the content of the email will be sent to the committee anonymously..


  1. Adjournment

Adjourned at 2:30.

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