• Tourism Growth and Demand Modeling

My research interests include the study of influences of non-economic variables in determining tourism demand as well as the understanding of tourism demand from a spatial interaction perspective. Also, I am fascinated by the challenge of applying theories from economic geography, regional studies, and international trade to investigate regional tourism growth patterns and their impacts.

  • Hotel Location Analysis

In this field, I am highly interested in applying various economic geography/ business geography models to explain hotel location and hotel financial performance. More specifically, with my unique geography background, I am able to utilize geographical information system (GIS) to visualize and analyze the spatial pattern of hotel location and its related performance measures. Currently, a web-GIS toolkit for hotel location selection is under development.

  • Big Data Analytics

In the era of large and fast data, I am interested in collecting and incorporating new sources of big data and exploring new potential models to better understand tourism demand, consumer behavior, and pricing strategy of the hospitality industry. In particular, I focus on monitoring and predicting tourism demand from various data sets such as social media, web traffic, and search engine volume.

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