Temple Owls meet Meiji Owls














Dr. Yang Yang was invited to visit Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. Located in the center part of Tokyo, Meiji University is renowned as one of the leading private universities in Japan. Dr. Thomas Jones, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Global Governance, Meiji University worked closely with Dr. Yang on a project to estimate the economic value of Mt. Fuji. In the project, Drs. Yang and Jones proposed a zonal travel cost model (ZTCM) to calibrate the recreational value of Mt. Fuji based on the annual domestic climber survey data. In particular, the change of this value before and after the World Heritage Site designation was investigated. On September 13, Drs. Yang and Jones successfully presented their research outputs in the International Conference on New Thinking in Economic Theory and Policy, and discussed in detail with other leading resource economists, such as Prof. Katsuhiro Saito from the University of Tokyo.