For Our Community Partners

Thank you for working with us to address the needs of low income Philadelphians!  Here, you will find information about working together with us to help address our clients’ needs.

We want to work with you in several ways:

  • We want to hear from you about client who need our help.  If you look at our For Our Clients page, you will learn about the kinds of cases we handle for our clients.  Feel free to refer them to us or to call us and talk with us about their needs–we will be happy to let you know what help your particular clients can receive from us;
  • We want to talk to you about what legal needs you see your clients have that you wish we were addressing!  Periodically, we review the kinds of cases we handle to determine whether there are other needs we should be addressing.  Call us and let us know!;
  • We want to talk to your staff, your clients, or all of you at your site!  The portion of the office that works with people with HIV, cancer, and people with physical disabilities does regular community presentations to better inform the public about their legal rights.  We also interview clients with legal matters at many community sites.  Contact us and let us know the best way to do outreach with you and your clients!
  • We want to know what information we should add to our For Our Clients page or to blog about that will be helpful to you or your clients.  Tell us!

For ways to contact us, click here!