Volume 32, Number 2 (Fall 2018)


Beyond Norms:  Using International Economic Tools to Deter Malicious State-Sponsored Cyber Activities
Kathleen Claussen

The Use of Force and Cyber Countermeasures
Gary Corn & Eric Jensen

Cybersecurity, International Law, and The First Year of The Trump Administration
Brian J. Egan

Promoting International Cybersecurity Cooperation: Lessons from The Proliferation Security Initiative
Duncan B. Hollis & Matthew C. Waxman

Restricting Access to Services or Information Systems in Light of Trade in Services Commitments
Zine Homburger

Contours:  On the Policy of Consequences as Seen through Social Sciences
Mika Kerttunen

Will Cyber Consequences Deepen Disagreement on International Law?
Eneken Tikk