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“Data-driven Issues, Topics, and Methodologies in Operations Management, Information Systems, Marketing, and Other Related Domains,” School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China,…

Post-Doctoral/Visiting Scholars

Yulia Vorotyntseva (Post-doc; 2018 – 2020) Yingxin Zhang (Visiting Doctoral Student; 2019 – 2020) Dehai Liu (Dongbei University of Finance and Technology; 2019)


“Strategic Blockchain Adoption Considering Brand Reputation from a Long-Term Perspective,” with J. Weng, 23rd Young Scholars Interdisciplinary Forum, Fox School of Business, Temple University, 12/10/2021…


Short Bio of Prof. Subodha Kumar


CV of Prof. Subodha Kumar

Editorial Boards

CURRENT Deputy Editor, Production and Operations Management Journal (2014 – Present) Founding Executive Editor, Management and Business Review Journal (2017 – Present) Founding Department Editor,…