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About Us


You have reached the website of the Strongin research group of Temple University, located in Philadelphia. The Strongin group is interested in understanding the role that metal, metal oxide, and metal sulfide surfaces play in controlling chemistry in the environment and in potential technological applications. The pages of this website include information on our research, facilities, publications, and group members.

Latest Highlights

Check out our most recent publication, Photochemistry of ferritin decorated with plasmonic gold nanoparticlesEnvironmental Science: Nano (2019), which was highlighted on the inside cover of the issue and selected as a HOT article for Environmental Science: Nano.

Some of our recent papers on HER Catalysts: Vertically Aligned MoS2 on Ti3C2 (MXene) as an Improved HER CatalystJournal of Materials Chemistry A (2018) and Co-Mo-P based Electrocatalyst for superior Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution ReactionChemCatChem (2018).

Our work on the effect of intercalated metals on the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction was highlighted on the EFRC newsletter.

Lab News

Congratulations to Dr. Nuwan Attanayake for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis!


Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry? Do you find the information on this page interesting? If so, contact Professor Strongin about working in the group.