Julie L. Booth, Ph.D. is a Professor of STEM Education and Educational Psychology at Temple University, and the Deputy Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs for the College of Education. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology in 2005 from Carnegie Mellon University under Dr. Robert Siegler, and trained as a post-doctoral fellow at the NSF-funded Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center, where she conducted research on students’ learning in real-world classrooms with Dr. Ken Koedinger. Dr. Booth has received funding from both IES and NSF as PI or co-PI on 10 federal grants, including her current IES grants on the connections between fraction knowledge and algebra and the MathByExample and GeometryByExample projects with the Strategic Education Research Partnership. Through these projects, Dr. Booth has amassed considerable experience leading scientific research projects, developing instructional interventions, conducting classroom studies, and analyzing quantitative data (using both traditional and multi-level approaches). She is published in top journals for both Psychology and Education fields, including Child Development, Learning and Instruction, and Science. Her research interests lie in translating between cognitive science/cognitive development and education by finding ways to bring laboratory tested cognitive principles to real-world classrooms, identifying prerequisite skills and knowledge necessary for learning, and examining individual differences in the effectiveness of instructional techniques based on learner characteristics. She recently won the Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.