Primary Sources

I found a few interesting sources, one of which I was caught up in reading until just moments ago. It is an article about Native Indian citizenship and how the Bureau of Indian affairs had to be abolished. It is called the Wassaja Newsletter, and this particular one is from 1918. There is a great call to take Indians as citizens, yet also a great dislike for the blame that the white Americans were getting from the tribes. It is actually really interesting to read this sort of article. This newsletter also has a drawing of Indians and Americans using a log to knock down doors. It is labeled “Freedom’s signal for the Indian” and the door is “Indian Office”.

I think I will be using a lot of this newsletter, and would like to see if there are anymore of it’s articles that can give me greater insight to my topic of what the natives lost when they became citizens. This article is much like a different point of view to see how outsiders of the natives saw them and pitied their losses.

What I have been searching is outright “Citizenship” in between the years of 1880 and 1984. I have read quite a bit, even the reminders for Indians to apply for Citizenship in 1889. I have also found an article called “Preparing the Indian for Self-Support and Citizenship” which so far has mentioned how the tribes of natives have lost many things to the Americans. Treaties are broken and dishonored, how the Natives helped the white folk cultivate the land and that the government has forced many things onto them. There is more to this article that I think will be useful.

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