Unloved In our homes, so we sought love from outside

Disappointments to our Parents, booty scratchers to the blacks 

Made our journey to the whites in hopes they will take it easier on us 

With the misconception of their niceness masked up in brutal microaggressions

Allowed them to overstep many boundaries oblivious to how far they’ve stepped 

Gained tremendous love for their culture that we praise them more than we praise the folks with the same color of our skin

Dove too deep into their music, bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Beach Boys & Led Zeppelin became our favorites while leaving the OutKast, de la soul, Pharcyde in the back seat

Vouched for Mariana, Lana, Lorde while we continue to turn our backs on Missy, Hill, Latifah, Badu

Quest wondering when we would finally be able to check their rhymes and come back home 

Having elders anticipate if all the works Fela put into our history was in vein 

I hate to say it but we got too caught up in their culture

In their lives

Their homes 

That we forget we are the root to their identity 

Looking up to them when they should be the ones looking up to us because without us they have no sense of self

No identity  

No comparisons 

No America

In which your beloved white culture exists 

I don’t condemn the world of the white artist because I myself made in home in their nest 

I also don’t have the heart to hate them like Baldwin said “I don’t believe all whites are evil” because in many ways they’ve defined me as an individual 

But we ought to go back to our roots 

We ought to Learn how to re-love ourselves 

Give ourselves the forbidden love that we couldn’t encounter in our African Homes 

And find that love from within 

Their world may glitter like Gold but our world is created with diamonds, history, and culture which are rare to find.