John F. Street

John F. Street is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University where he teaches courses on urban politics and policy in the department of political science. Street is a 1975 graduate of Temple‚Äôs Beasley School of Law and has served as a Trustee at Temple University. Street served as Mayor of Philadelphia from 2000 through 2008. Following his graduation from Temple, Street served clerkships with Common Pleas Court Judge Mathew W. Bullock, Jr. and with the United States Department of Justice. In his first professional job, Street taught English at an elementary school and, later, at the Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center. He also practiced law privately prior to entering into public service. Street began his public career as a community activist. He has led efforts for fair housing opportunities for the poor, and challenged the Philadelphia School Board to spend more on students and less on administration. Street has also been a leader in forging closer cooperation between police and the community in the fight against crime and drugs in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Elected to Philadelphia City Council in 1979, Street assumed office in 1980. For nearly 20 years, Street represented the city’s Fifth Councilman District, distinguishing himself as a fighter for working people and neighborhoods. Street was chosen unanimously by members of the council to serve as president in 1992, and again in 1996. Street is known for his expertise on a range of issues including city budgeting and fiscal matters, housing, education and crime.