We areĀ a group of glaciologists/polar geophysicists interested in understanding the past, present and future changes of ice sheets and glaciers, and their drivers. Current research topics include:

  • Revealing subglacial conditions beneath Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets using surface geophysical methods (active-source seismic and gravity anomaly) and remotely sensed data
  • Imaging of subglacial features beneath the former Laurentide Ice Sheet margin in northern US
  • Determining the mass balance and ice thickness of mountain glaciers with the microgravity technique
  • Reconstructing past surface-temperature changes in Antarctica using borehole thermometry and thermal remote sensing


Contact information:
Dr. Atsuhiro Muto, Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
College of Science and Technology
Temple University

317B Beury Hall, 1901 N. 13th Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA

Phone: +1-215-204-3699
Fax: +1-215-204-3496
E-mail: amuto (at) temple.edu